You’re expecting a baby!

But with all the focus on your partner, how are you feeling?

Man holding a baby

The decision to take on the responsibility of becoming a father is probably one of the biggest you will ever make.  Whatever your age or circumstances, having a baby is going to affect you in many ways. In particular the level of commitment between you and your partner is going to change forever, hopefully forming a long lasting deep and inextricable link between you.

Throughout the world there are varying attitudes and level of involvement when it comes to being a father. Nowadays, most dads to want to play an active role in supporting their partners, being with them through the physical and emotional changes in the months ahead,  joining in antenatal classes and even changing their work patterns.


Approaching parenthood can be an extremely optimistic time of your life, or it may be filled with worries and concerns! You may be feeling lost, vulnerable, even left out of all the excitement. The changes are tangible for your partner, yet you have to watch and learn from the side lines. Some men even report feelings of depression and really deeply fear the changes ahead.


Maybe your partner is having regular massage  to help her through her pregnancy, well have you considered that you too might benefit from this?


There are many essential oil that have excellent strengthening and supportive properties


Atlas Cedarwood, Cedrus atlanticus and Sandalwood, Santalum austrocaledonicum, are both wood oils which can bring strength and fortification to our emotions. Frankincense, Boswellia carterii,   extracted from a tree but distilled from a resin is excellent for periods of transition.


The root oils can ground us and make us feel strong and connected, Ginger, Zingiber officianale, Plai, Zingiber montanum or Vetiver, Vetiveria zizanoides are all such oils and offer comfort and support.


The flowers will give you the opportunity to connect with your feminine side, allowing you to come to terms with the extreme changes that are about to occur. Rose, Rosa damascena, or Neroli, Citrus aurantium var. amara, are both highly fragrant, euphoric and uplifting.


This is just a tiny selection of essential oils that may benefit you. If you choose to see an Aromatherapist they should offer you a comprehensive consultation which will enable them to choose the right combination of oils particular to what you need at that time.


Approaching parenthood is a massive transition and a time of great change.  I don’t only massage mums to be so why not get in touch and enjoy the benefits of an aromatherapy massage for yourself.


If you are outside the Brighton area you can find a qualified aromatherapist local to you by visiting


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