I have recently had the pleasure of passing on my knowledge and expertise to a lovely selection of therapists and lay people. I have also had the wonderful opportunity of being part of the regular team on the Chrissy B Show, Sky Chanel 191, talking about using essential oils for health and well-being. I have written 2 new courses this year and continue my work with Tisserand Aromatherapy spreading the efficacy of using essential oils in your daily life. I also continue to see my clients at my private practice in Patcham, Brighton.


So, it’s with great pleasure that I can let you know that from October 2019 I will be joining the staff at The College of Classical Massage to teach a Diploma in Aromatherapy for practising massage therapists who want to use essential oils in their already established practice.

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Today is the first day of Spring and its lovely out there, mild and sunny (well it is here in Brighton!)

Change is always a good thing in my opinion, especially Spring, who doesn’t love the lighter mornings, the spring flowers appearing, blossom on the trees magically appearing over-night, it’s such a fillip for the soul?

But change can be scary for a lot of people. Change can be something to fear, to dread.

I see a lot of clients in my practice who are struggling with change, whether it be personal, like children leaving home, or work related; facing redundancy or the need for a change of direction.

Essential oils can play a really vital role in helping my clients move forward and find the strength to make changes and start something new!

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So, a change of season always brings a few ailments, you could consider using essential oils to boost you and your family’s immune system to make the transition into Autumn, and into Winter, a little less stressful!

Using a vaporiser in you home or on your office desk is a great way to keep bugs at bay; if unfortunately, you already have a cold, using a vaporiser can help you get over your cold a little quicker, it will also help you breathe more easily if you choose decongestant essential oils.

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