We all know that a good night’s sleep is vital for our health, but how often is that a reality?

Our stressed over stimulated lifestyles, our obsession with our phones, our inability to switch off, all plays havoc with our natural rhythms and can disturb our sleep pattern. You’ve probably heard of circadian rhythm, our internal body clock which is influenced by dark and light? As the day gets darker we release melatonin that preparers our body for sleep. But mobile phones, laptops and the TV, all emitting ‘blue light’ the most disruptive…  are all playing a part in interrupting our ability to sleep.

There are however some things you can do to help reset this rhythm….

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Quite a few people make resolutions at this time of year; to get fitter, give up something, start something new….. all very good and wonderful ideas but I would like to ask you something more specific. I bet you’re a carer of some sorts, a Mum, a teacher, a Dr maybe, I bet you have someone you have to look after, care for and think about daily…. So…. who looks after you?

We all know deep down that if we look after ourselves we can take better care of others, if we feel nurtured and nourished we can find the time and energy to nourish others. However, there can be feelings of guilt or maybe selfishness around doing something for yourself.  Studies show that simply taking care of yourself will lead to a more fulfilling life.

So, what can you do to take of yourself….?



Eat well, get good restful sleep, drink plenty of water, exercise, laugh, have hobbies or maybe have an aromatherapy massage!

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Traditionally Christmas is a time of giving, when we can show our appreciation for our nearest and dearest with gifts that are thoughtful and considerate.

An Aromatherapy treatment gift voucher could be an option for that someone special?


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