Next week is Aromatherapy Awareness Week (June 7-11)

As part of this year’s AAW, I will be posting and sharing various blends to support you through different times and activities of your day throughout the week.

On Monday I’ll be sharing my favourite morning body massage oil, a blend that is nourishing and nurturing for your skin and mind!

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EXPRESS YOURSELF – using massage to encourage communication with your children

A couple of months ago I talked about the ‘Importance of Touch’ and what it means to us as a species, how it releases feel good hormones and how important it is for our well-being and immune system.

As we are all currently coping with less touch and contact with our extended families, our friends and colleagues its important at this time to address the lack of physical contact that we are missing.  Even more so for our Children!

Children’s Mental Health week starts Mon 1st February and the theme is ‘express yourself’. Receiving a massage is a wonderful way to allow your child to open up and talk about their feelings and also gives them the opportunity of receiving a nurturing touch.

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As we approach the shortest day of this very strange year for all of us, I wanted to share a blend with you that has helped me through some of the darkest moments of this year. So, it seemed appropriate to talk about it as we head to the darkest day. For me it is warmth, brightness and fortitude in a blend. Something we all need from time to time.

Like many of you, we as a family, and myself personally have had to deal with many challenges over the last eight or so months. For those of you who know me I am an optimist but there have been times when I have had to search deep for this feeling.  Not being able to see friends and family as much as normal, having to stop work, very little, if any socialising, all the things we take for granted that have been curtailed due to this awful pandemic. But I am also aware of all the good that I have, and this blend has helped me with that.

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