Today is the first day of Spring and its lovely out there, mild and sunny (well it is here in Brighton!)

Change is always a good thing in my opinion, especially Spring, who doesn’t love the lighter mornings, the spring flowers appearing, blossom on the trees magically appearing over-night, it’s such a fillip for the soul?

But change can be scary for a lot of people. Change can be something to fear, to dread.

I see a lot of clients in my practice who are struggling with change, whether it be personal, like children leaving home, or work related; facing redundancy or the need for a change of direction.

Essential oils can play a really vital role in helping my clients move forward and find the strength to make changes and start something new!

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So, a change of season always brings a few ailments, you could consider using essential oils to boost you and your family’s immune system to make the transition into Autumn, and into Winter, a little less stressful!

Using a vaporiser in you home or on your office desk is a great way to keep bugs at bay; if unfortunately, you already have a cold, using a vaporiser can help you get over your cold a little quicker, it will also help you breathe more easily if you choose decongestant essential oils.

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Of course, going away is exciting and something you may have been waiting for since this time last year….  But going away with a family is not easy and there’s SO much to do before you go!

Most of my clients have a family and a large majority of them are also self-employed, the organisational skills required to get everyone to the airport, ferry terminal or just even into the car is immense! You have to organise cover for work, who’s going to feed the pets, pack for not just yourself but probably your kids and maybe your partner too (although I hope not?).

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