As we start to slowly adapt and alter our daily existence in everything we do, we will all be feeling a whole range of emotions.

When I trained as an Aromatherapist over 25 years ago, one nugget of information has stuck and resonated with me and my clients over the years and that is the cycle of grief developed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a Swiss American psychiatrist. She was a pioneer in grief management and how medical staff cared for terminally ill patients. Her work led to her writing her findings in the bestselling book On Death and Dying.

Here she explained the natural stages of grief that we pass through when losing someone.

However, this cycle of emotions can be helpful in any stage of transition, which is what we are all going through right now!

You may have seen it before, it may be new to you…take a look and hopefully it will help?


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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For me, working from home is not a new concept…although I do go to the Tisserand Aromatherapy office twice a week, but that has now stopped!

So, as we all get used to the new ‘NEW’ I wanted to suggest some blends to lower anxiety and go some way to make you feel a little more uplifted and motivated!

Essential oils have properties that are considered to be euphoric, anti-depressant, supportive, strengthening and motivational… all sounds pretty good right now.

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I have been practising aromatherapy for over 25 years and a huge part of what I love about my work is the certainty of making a bespoke blend for my clients at each and every appointment.

There is a place for pre-blended oils but if you visit a qualified aromatherapist you should, with your therapist, get the opportunity to choose your essential oils for your blend to reflect exactly how you want to feel at that appointment and for that massage.


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