Of course, going away is exciting and something you may have been waiting for since this time last year….  But going away with a family is not easy and there’s SO much to do before you go!

Most of my clients have a family and a large majority of them are also self-employed, the organisational skills required to get everyone to the airport, ferry terminal or just even into the car is immense! You have to organise cover for work, who’s going to feed the pets, pack for not just yourself but probably your kids and maybe your partner too (although I hope not?).

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I leant something about Nutmeg recently and it wasn’t about the essential oil!

I’m sure you are all aware that the World Cup is well under way in Russia, maybe some of you, like me, has little or no interest in football. But I have, due to personal circumstances (good ones) been watching way more than I would have ever done before and our team are doing well!

So, how does this relate to Nutmeg?


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Well it’s defintley Spring out there, what a relief…..

I love to watch the leaves and blossom appear, the one colour that is prevalent in my mind is yellow.

The Daffodils, Primroses, Forsythia and Crocuses, all heralding the change in season, the forward march into the year. Colours for many people have a significance, a meaning, and the yellow flowers that appear at this time of year are uplifting and positive, redolent of sunshine and energy; I’m sure you would agree?

It got me thinking about which essential oils would reflect this, of course Lemon, Citrus limonum, springs to mind (no pun intended!) but there are other ‘yellow’ oils in an Aromatherapists’ kit. The colour yellow conjures up aromas of light and freshness, so that’s what I will focus on.

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