We all know that a good night’s sleep is vital for our health, but how often is that a reality?

Our stressed over stimulated lifestyles, our obsession with our phones, our inability to switch off, all plays havoc with our natural rhythms and can disturb our sleep pattern. You’ve probably heard of circadian rhythm, our internal body clock which is influenced by dark and light? As the day gets darker we release melatonin that preparers our body for sleep. But mobile phones, laptops and the TV, all emitting ‘blue light’ the most disruptive…  are all playing a part in interrupting our ability to sleep.

There are however some things you can do to help reset this rhythm….

Turn off your phone and leave it out of your bedroom, don’t watch the TV just before going to bed and don’t check your emails on your lap top. Have a regular bed time routine that includes something relaxing and restful, something to induce a good night’s sleep.


Essential oils can a be a part of this routine and can be effective in helping you feel calm, sedated and ready for bed.

There are a number of ways to use them:


run a hot bath and to 5ml of base/vegetable oil add the following:

1 drop of Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia

1 drop of Roman Chamomile – Anthemis nobilis

Add just before getting in, lie back for a soak, 15 min or so and then tuck yourself up in bed



Following the instructions relevant to your model add the following blend:

2 drops of Lavender- Lavandula angustifolia

4 drops of Bergamot – Citrus bergamia

2 drops of Sweet Marjoram –  Origanum marjorana

Put on at least 30 min before you are ready to go to bed to allow your bedroom to fill with the relaxing sedating aromas. Switch off or extinguish before falling asleep.



To 15 ml of base/vegetable oil add the flowing blend:

1 drop of Roman Chamomile Anthemis nobilis

2 drops of Sandalwood – Santalum album

1 drop of Neroli – Citrus aurantium var flos

3 drops of Bergamot – Citrus bergamia

In slow sweeping moves, massage over upper chest, into neck and shoulders and down arms. Put a top on to keep the oil of your bedding and snuggle into bed.


For the ultimate night’s sleep, book yourself an evening aromatherapy massage, where I can make you a bespoke blend before going home to bed. I work three evenings a week from my private practice in Patcham, Brighton

A good night’s sleep is a wonderful thing…. Start making those changes today.


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