What is nicer than relaxing in a warm bath on a cold winters evening? Did you know that you can safely add Essential Oils to your bath throughout your preagnancy to receive their therapeutic effects, thereby enhancing your soak?

Aromatherapists frequently encourage their clients to take aromatherapy baths in between treatments as a way to alleviate pain, induce relaxation and to experience some ‘me time’. During pregnancy you can often feel achy and heavy. You may have tried swimming and found the benefits of being in water very therapeutic. Well your bath may not be deep enough to take the full weight of your body but it will give you a sense of lightness. Something you may be longing for in the latter stages of your pregnancy.

A bath with the taps running

You should always buffer the essential oils before using in a bath and the best way to do that is to add your essential oils to a vegetable oil. This way the essential oil will disperse into the vegetable oil instead of sitting on top of your bath water. Without the vegetable oil you would be exposing your skin to neat Essential oils, something that is not recommended even outside pregnancy. Essential oils are ‘hydrophobic’ they don’t disperse in water.  So when taking a bath they must first be added to your vegetable oil.

In some cultures the idea of sitting in a bath and then washing is not particularly pleasing. An aromatherapy bath should be a ritual, a luxury.  This isn’t the time to wash, it’s for pure pleasure. Make sure you won’t be disturbed, make the lighting as subdued as possible, put on some calming music and take this opportunity to lie back and relax.

blue bottles of essential oils and a blending bowl with a sprig of Lavender

Just follow the steps below to experience a proper aromatherapy bath

  • Run your bath to the desired temp and depth
  • Whilst its filling gather all you need to make it a luxurious experience, you don’t want to be sitting there wishing you had got your magazine, cup of T, novel,  ready  before you got in!
  • To 10 ml of Vegetable oil add 2 drops in total of your favourite essential oil, or try out these ideas below:
  • If you are having trouble sleeping you may want to try 1 drop of Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia  and 1 drop of Bergamot – Citrus Bergamia
  • If you are feeling particularly achy you may want to add 1 drop of Roman Chamomile – Anthemis nobilis or Sweet Marjoram – Marjorana  with 1 drop of Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia 
  • If you want a pure luxury blend try 1 drop of Geranium – Pelargonium graveolens and 1 drop of Frankincense –Boswellia carterii
  • Add your blend to the bath just before you get in – don’t add whilst the water is running like bubble bath as the essential oils evaporate quickly and you won’t get the full aromatic effect.
  • Give the bath a good stir before you get, this will disperse the oils evenly throughout the water.
  • Lie back and enjoy!
  • DO take care on getting out, the bath will be slippery with the vegetable oil and get someone else to clean it!

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