I leant something about Nutmeg recently and it wasn’t about the essential oil!

I’m sure you are all aware that the World Cup is well under way in Russia, maybe some of you, like me, has little or no interest in football. But I have, due to personal circumstances (good ones) been watching way more than I would have ever done before and our team are doing well!

So, how does this relate to Nutmeg?


Well the verb ‘Nutmegged’ is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary in the 1870’s which in Victorian slang meant to be ‘tricked or deceived, especially in the manner of leaving the victim looking foolish. This arose because of the high value placed on the spice Nutmeg and early trade routes when some unscrupulous suppliers would mix in wooden replicas of the nutmeg kernel into sacks being shipped to England. Being nutmegged soon implied that someone had done a clever thing!

The term is used in football when a player kicks the ball through their opponent’s legs leaving the opponent feeling a little foolish!

However, funnily enough the essential oil of Nutmeg, Myristica fragrans has therapeutic properties
that could support the players, not leave them feeling foolish!

Nutmeg is used in practice amongst other things as a ‘rubefacient’ oil. This means to ‘make red’ it brings heat and blood into a muscle, ideal after strenuous exercise. It is also an effective analgesic oil, also useful after exercise. It blends well with other spicy oils like Ginger, Zingiber officinale, and Black Pepper, Piper nigrum,also really good essential oils for muscles.

It may also be helpful to bring a sense of balance and can stabilise emotional symptoms of anxiety.

I know the players will all have access to Physiotherapy and Massage to support them, but I wonder if they use essential oils? I think they would find it amusing to know of the therapeutic properties of Nutmeg.

So best of luck to the team for their game tomorrow evening, and let’s hope no-one on the England team gets Nutmegged!



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