Chelle McCann is a mum of 3 from Brighton. She works in social media and is currently training to be a life coach with the aim of helping new mums and specifically those that suffer from birth trauma and losing their sense of self post birth.

During pregnancy it can be so easy to become all about the baby and leave yourself to the side. This is especially the case if your pregnancy is not your first as you’ll have all the distractions of home as well as growing your precious bundle.

What I have found was key to looking after myself during pregnancy was organising my time ensuring I scheduled in something in the time I had spare that was just for me rather than spent on family or work time.

Here are few things you can do to ensure that you have that precious ‘me time’.

Read a book

This may sound simple but actually when was the last time you sat down and read a whole book? This month I have promised myself that I’ll put down my phone, stop mindless social media scrolling and read. I’ve got a kindle so easy to pick up and every Sunday I sit and read around the children’s playtime. The bonus is they see me reading and grab their books too! Reading is also a great activity just before bed to allow your mind to wind down too.

Book a massage

Whether you are pregnant or not looking after and acknowledging the aches and pains that run through your body from either growing a baby or pushing/carrying your gorgeous bundle a massage can be so healing and rejuvenate you too. I always find that the week after a massage I sleep much better too. Blissful peace without the call of ‘mum, mum, mum!’ is just what any frazzled mum needs. Try and budget for at least one massage a month if you can!

Eat well!

With 3 children I often eat on the go or finish those leftovers. It can be a weird cycle to break but try and be more mindful of what you are eating too. Make sure that you are drinking enough water (not just living on coffee fumes) and bring in more fruit and veg into your diet. I have found that figs are a great alternative to a chocolate bar, I often add veg to scrambled egg for lunch too. I have found since switching my body feels less sluggish as well as my jeans being not as snug.

Give yourself a mini pedicure

Mums are always rushing around and so it seems appropriate to mention a bit of foot TLC. There are loads of good you tube videos so that you can spruce up your toes at home. Not so convenient with a bump but why not drop some extra large hints to your partner!

 I hope these tips help you – what do you love to do in your ‘me time’?

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