Pregancy & Chiropratic Treatments

My name is Rebecca Nicholas and I am a chiropractor practising at Back 2 Balance chiropractic clinic in Brighton and Hove. I have a very special interest in pregnancy related back pain and paediatrics. Over the last 10 years I have completed many extra courses/ seminars and certifications showing my commitment in helping pregnant women with chiropractic care.

My feeling is that many women, and the public at large do not realise that chiropractic care may help with certain health challenges that pregnant women often experience. People often presume that chiropractic care involves heavy hands and lots of twisting/cracking manoeuvres. Whilst this may happen in non-pregnant clients, this DOES NOT have to be the only therapy available to you and your growing unborn child. Here at Back 2 Balance, I have trained in the Webster technique which is a system of checks and adjustments designed to help the pelvis function optimally. This technique does not require any twists or cracks and all our pregnant women are comfortable with it. I am one of the only chiropractors in Brighton and Hove, who has got this qualification. Many people have heard of this as the ‘baby turning’ technique. Unfortunately, this is inaccurate as the Webster analysis and technique enables the woman to have a better functioning and more optimal pelvic position/alignment. Some women do find that their baby turns after a chiropractic adjustment but this is not our main aim and there is no proof that this can happen (as yet!).


As a chiropractor, the most common presenting symptoms are lower back pain, pelvic pain and pubic symphysis dysfunction. Whilst these may be the most common, expecting women often don’t mention their indigestion, morning sickness, or abdominal pain. I always ask my clients questions about these symptoms as its often presumed chiropractic care won’t/can’t address these. I have learnt soft tissue manipulation, cranial work and organ unwinding, which is often associated more with cranial sacral therapy and osteopathy, and these techniques can be really useful in helping morning sickness and heartburn. The beauty of these techniques is that they don’t require any amount of force, are gentle, and often relaxing for the pregnant woman and bump. We also use acupressure points on the hands, ears and feet to help stimulate or depress organ function.


I love working on pregnant women as they are so appreciative and feel so much better afterwards. Several of my clients even state that no-one told them about chiropractic care for their pelvic imbalances eg SPD/PSD and back pain. So before you immediately discount chiropractic care during your pregnancy, realise that not all chiropractors will hurt you and some do understand the subtleties of working on the wonder that is a pregnant woman.


Contact me if you wish to know anything further about what I do, the techniques that I use, and how to get started with chiropractic care. Prices are just £34 a session (after an examination) and also include a complimentary new born baby check 🙂


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