Not everyone has such a public pregnancy as Kate is undergoing but let me tell you that you’re pregnancy is just as important and special!  The press, of course, are having a field day with the lead up to the royal birth! But what are you doing in your lead up to your special moment?

Many people have baby showers these days and indeed Kate has also jumped on this band wagon. Many women choose to explore options of gentle exercise; they may try yoga or aqua natal classes. Whatever you choose to do make the most of it!

tummy & hands

Pregnancy really allows you to tune into you! Many people walk around not understanding how their body works and what it takes for our body to complete its daily cycle, the energy used up, the constant flow of hormones and natural chemicals that the body produces just to keep everything in good working order.  Then put on top of that a baby developing and growing in your uterus. It’s kind of miraculous when you stop to think about it!

Why not take the time to connect with your baby and your body and book yourself a massage? Most of us are rushing around trying to fit everything in; modern culture has made everything speed up, not slow down. Pregnancy is a classic time of waiting; expectant, exciting and sometimes fearful. By having an aromatherapy massage in pregnancy you are fulfilling your body’s need for tactile stimulation, relieving achy muscles and allowing you to take a break from your daily routine of rush, rush, rush!

Here’s what a few clients have said about coming for an Aromatherapy massage during their pregnancy:

Going to see Jo for a massage each month while I was pregnant really helped to relax me. Not only was the massage brilliant at easing my poor aching back, I also really benefitted from chatting to Jo beforehand about how I was feeling and then having different blends of oils to help ease symptoms or comfort me.” Katie, Brighton

I went to Jo regularly throughout my pregnancy and she was the one who helped me get through it as I had a very bad back and struggled carrying the baby, Jo is brilliant.” Iren, Brighton

 I had other recommendations for a pregnancy massage, but the level of experience and the price Jo was offering was too good to ignore. After a thorough initial consultation, I felt so at ease and confident that my massage would be good and very suited to my particular aches. It was fabulous and afterwards I truly felt I had had some “me time” and that my baby would benefit from my relaxed state.”  Rachel, Worthing

So don’t forget that you are special and that your pregnancy is unique, take time to nurture yourself and your growing baby. The benefits of massage during pregnancy are many and with the added addition of essential oils, tailored to what you need for each treatment; you are going to feel nurtured and cared for!

from the seed offers Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage in Fiveways, Brighton.

Day and evening appointments are available. You can even purchase a voucher, valid for 3 months, for an extra special gift.

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