I bet you are already  thinking about how your life may change? You may be feeling excited but also anxious and fearful too. This is normal and over the coming months you may experience an array of new feelings.

Seated pregnant women loking down at her pregnant tummy, her hands placed over her lower abdomen

In many cultures women live close to their extended families, in the west our families are quite often scattered and we may have very little experience of pregnancy and new born babies. What you do have though is time and you can spend some of it over the next few months connecting with yourself and your baby even before they are born.  You might want to find a pregnancy yoga or aqua natal class; both can benefit you and your baby. Receiving regular specialised ante-natal massage will put you in touch with how you feel and can alleviate common pregnancy symptoms even signing up to ante-natal classes will help your transition from adult to parent.

One very simple thing you can do is connect with your baby through touch & sound!

Connect with your baby

Did you know that as early as 18 weeks into your pregnancy your babies hearing is well developed and they are able to hear sounds outside the uterus.  They will also react to light and most defiantly to touch.

Spending a few moments each day, if you can, throughout your pregnancy sitting quietly and massaging your tummy, whilst talking to your baby, will enhance the bonding process that continues once your baby is born.

You can include your birthing partner in this too, get them to spend some time massaging your abdomen and introducing themselves to their baby. If you are pregnant again and already have a child why not get them to meet their sibling in this way too.

Using a cold pressed vegetable oil, make circular clockwise moves over the whole of your abdomen. Some ‘Mums to be’ choose to sing as well as talk to their unborn baby, don’t be worried about how your voice sounds, all babies love to hear their mothers sing!

You could even include some essential oils, especially if you are concerned about stretch marks.

Neroli, citrus aurantium var. amara and Mandarin Citrus reticulta, make a lovely blend to add to your base oil to enhance the effect of your massage.

To every 5ml of base oil add 1 drop of Essential oil. This gives you a 1% blend which is the recommended dilution for pregnancy.

Take time to enjoy your pregnancy and connect with your baby even before you see them face to face.

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