Today is the first day of Spring and its lovely out there, mild and sunny (well it is here in Brighton!)

Change is always a good thing in my opinion, especially Spring, who doesn’t love the lighter mornings, the spring flowers appearing, blossom on the trees magically appearing over-night, it’s such a fillip for the soul?

But change can be scary for a lot of people. Change can be something to fear, to dread.

I see a lot of clients in my practice who are struggling with change, whether it be personal, like children leaving home, or work related; facing redundancy or the need for a change of direction.

Essential oils can play a really vital role in helping my clients move forward and find the strength to make changes and start something new!

As we pass through change, or transition from one state to another, we can experience feelings of anger, depression, blame, contemplation, indecision, all part of the process but sometimes you can get stuck in one place.

In practice I try to help my clients through times of transition with certain essential oils that can help them move towards acceptance and transformation.

My favourite essential oils for change and transition are:

Frankincense, Boswellia carterii

Grapefruit, Citrus paradisi

Atlas Cedarwood, Cedrus atlanticus

Cardamon, Ellettaria cardamomum

Frankincense, a resin from the Frankincense tree that has been used for centuries to aid mediation and contemplation. The perfect essential oil to use to ponder, be still, to give you the time to make a decision and to be content with that choice.

Grapefruit, a wonderful uplifting aroma from the rind of the grapefruit. Fresh and positive just in its aroma. In practice it can be used for feelings of being overwhelmed and stuck. Grapefruit can help you feel lighter, a wonderful thing when you feel bogged down by a decision.

Atlas Cedarwood; I adore the wood essential oils, they have the ability to offer us strength in times of crisis.  They can deepen the breath, something that can become shallow and light when we feel stressed and anxious.

Cardamon is a really useful essential oil to help you focus and bring you clarity. It comes from the Cardamon seed and has its medicinal roots from Ayurvedic practice. Its penetrating aroma is clearing to the head especially when its full of chatter and leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

You could use the above essential oils in a diffuser or make a massage blend to apply for a wonderful decision-making blend! (Add 5 drops of essential oil per 10 ml of base oil for a body blend)

Or if you prefer come for an aromatherapy massage to give your self a Spring boost

Whatever you decide enjoy the change of the season and all future changes you may experience, you never know what the outcome will be until you do it!

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