Bespoke ….made for you

I have been practising aromatherapy, for pregnancy, for over 17 years and really enjoy choosing a bespoke blend for each individual client to meet their needs.

At each treatment I will spend the first part of the session finding out what exactly they need and want from their treatment. This helps me choose the essential oils for that session.

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How I choose your blend

After some years of practice I began to look at the oils and where they come from in relation to what stage of pregnancy the client was at and at what stage of development the baby was at.

For example during the first trimester I focus on reassurance, strength and harmony. By using wood and root oils which have properties of strength and purpose I can help my client at this time of change and development. Harmony is derived from using the flowers.Root oils e.g. Ginger, Zingiber officianale & Vetiver, Vetiveria zizanoides can ground us and draw energy down our bodies towards the uterus. Wood Oils, for e.g. Atlas Cedarwood, Cedrus Atlantica offer support & strength. The flowers, soft and sweet and highly aromatic are feminine and nurturing.

The first trimester can be an anxious period for a women;  a time to come to terms with the changes that her body is going through and quite often she is keeping this change secret and maybe only her partner and a few close friends and relatives are aware of what is taking place.

As a women enters her second trimester she is often confronted by very physical changes and the choice of essential oils are often led by her need for relief from physical symptoms.

Here I draw on the pattern of growth from seeds to leaves to fruits. A reflection of the growth within my client.

Leaf essential oils offer support with physical ailments for e.g.  Haemorrhoids, heartburn, skin care, mood swings and colds.

Seed essential oils have properties that can relieve muscular aches and pains and the fruits – mostly the citrus essential oils- help relieve tension, are positive and uplifting, are digestive tonics and can help with Oedema.

In the third trimester her focus may turn inward, towards reflection and instinct. Aromatherapy can nurture and encourage feelings of ‘the feminine’. One oil that has the ability to nurture ‘the mother’ is Rose Otto, Rosa damascena.  A return to the flower oils lets your client explore her nesting instinct; her preparation for being a mother, allowing her to connect with her baby.  The roots also return bringing the oils full circle from the 9 months previous.

These are by no means the only essential oils I will choose for my clients.  As I mentioned earlier each treatment is unique to the individual, which is what makes a proper, true Aromatherapy treatment so special.

Nothing pre blended; time taken to find out exactly the needs of the client, and for the essential oils to be chosen and mixed at each treatment. That’s bespoke!


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