Fantastic news, your unit of 3 is about to become 4! You’ve navigated the path of adaptation and made room in your life for your first born. OK, so here comes another, how is that going to impact on you, your partner and your first born?

How about a little bit of massage?

Massage is a tool that opens communication. Have you ever placed your feet in your partners lap after a hard day and asked them to rub them ? Or maybe you’ve turned your back towards them hoping for a shoulder rub! How lovely when you get this attention and have time for open communication with a little bit of tactile re assurance and soothed muscles.

Giving your first born the permission to rub your tummy and talk to their new sibling might sound silly but will help prepare them for their younger sibling’s arrival. As early as week 18 of gestation your new babies hearing has developed sufficiently that it is fully aware of sounds in the uterus. Obviously the big one is your heart beat. But why not let your first born get close and have a little chat with their new brother or sister. Then when done ask them if they too would like their back or tummy rubbed? Kids love having their tummy’s rubbed and its often where we hold anxiety. Although they may not know it your little one may have some feeling of anxiety over the changes ahead and this may very well manifest itself in tummy discomfort.

Toddler lifting its mothers top to take a look at pregnant tummy

Any vegetable oil or body lotion will do, warm it up in your hands and rub over the skin in a rhythmic motion , moulding your hands to the contours of the body area you are working and don’t forger to ask whoever you are massaging how it feels, if they would like more or less pressure and if they’ve had enough?

Don’t forget about yourself

What about you? Where do you come in your families hierarchy? Mum’s are great at putting themselves last. Having a second, third baby or even fourth will take its toll on you, physically and mentally. It’s really lovely to have the comfort of a loved one soothing your tired muscles, but there’s nothing like the real thing. How about an Aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy not only allows you time to address physical complaints like, sore muscles, Oedema or varicose veins but along with the essential oils it can help with emotions such as anxiety or fear; totally normal feelings when faced with any change, any transition.

Then there’s your partners feelings, how will they cope with the change? Maybe they are concerned over the sleeplessness nights, how you will cope with 2 maybe, once they are back to work. We all need a little reassurance, I am very happy to treat partners too, you don’t have to be pregnant to come for a treatment. I also offer evening appointments so it’s easy to come after work.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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