Well it’s defintley Spring out there, what a relief…..

I love to watch the leaves and blossom appear, the one colour that is prevalent in my mind is yellow.

The Daffodils, Primroses, Forsythia and Crocuses, all heralding the change in season, the forward march into the year. Colours for many people have a significance, a meaning, and the yellow flowers that appear at this time of year are uplifting and positive, redolent of sunshine and energy; I’m sure you would agree?

It got me thinking about which essential oils would reflect this, of course Lemon, Citrus limonum, springs to mind (no pun intended!) but there are other ‘yellow’ oils in an Aromatherapists’ kit. The colour yellow conjures up aromas of light and freshness, so that’s what I will focus on.

My favourite would have to be May Chang, Litsea cubeba. This oil is steam distilled from the ‘pepper’ shaped fruits of a small tropical tree with lemon scented leaves and yellowish flowers. It originates from China and belongs to the same botanical family as the Laurel, Rosewood and Cinnamon.

May Chang has the most wonderful lemon sherbet smell, zingy and positive, it can make you feel quite euphoric and may be useful for depression states and long term chronic illness. Used in a massage blend it a has a warming effect on the skin, gently soothing muscles and bringing relief to tension.

Another essential oil with a yellow association is Melissa, Melissa officinalis, an ancient herb used in Western herbal medicine. Also known as Lemon balm, or Bee Blossom.  Melissa grows throughout western Europe and is part of the same Botanical family as mint. The oil is steam distilled from the fragrant lemon scented leaves.

In Aromatherapy, Melissa is used to calm the heart and the nerves, it is also beneficial in boosting the immune system. Something that can be useful as the seasons change. It brings a sense of joy and relaxation to even the most stressful situations.

These are just two of the  essential oils I would associate with the colour lemon and the bright energy that that colour brings, as Sole II Soul said “yellow is the colour of sunrays” and sunshine will always make us feel better!


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