During this strange period of time, I am in awe of people’s creativity, entrepreneurship, book writing, house cleaning, painting etc etc…. for some, this is a moment of re-evaluation and reconsideration. Something we should all do from time to time!

However, I have also been reading articles about re-assuring you if you havent got this amazing energy, drive, to sort out your home, business, personal life….for some, this time is hard and fraught with roller coaster of emotions. I must say, like a lot of you, I am probably wavering between the two.

I am missing my clients and offering massage to those that have been loyal and faithful to me for years.

So, as part of my continuing role as an Aromatherapist, who is unable to offer massage at the moment, I am reaching out to you to say, if you are missing your treatments you can still get great results from the essential oils, they can be used effectively without the massage bit….sad as that may be.

I am offering ‘bespoke aromatherapy inhalation sticks’ delivered to your door for a small cost.

This way you can still harness the wonderful power of the oils! Let’s face it, the ‘aroma part’ is pretty important!

essential oils and an aroma stick

You can also use your essential oils for an inhalation or in the bath.

When you smell something, it triggers a part of your brain responsible for our most basic needs. Hunger, thirst, hormonal balance, memories and emotions. Aromatic molecules go directly to our Limbic System, an ancient part of our brain, sometimes referred to as the ‘reptilian brain’

I can offer you a consultation to discuss what you need at this time and provide you with a discreet aroma stick to carry around and use whenever you feel the need.

I have already, for some of my clients, created blends to help sleep, motivation and anxiety.

Whatever you feel you may need; I can find an essential oil for you!

Email me for your bespoke aromatherapy inhalation stick needs.

Keep well, keep safe, stay home!

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