EXAM STRESS – It’s that time of year again!

As the middle of May approaches a lot of families will be bracing themselves for exam stress! It could be GCSE’s A levels, final degree exams, SATS or even just end of term exams and after the last two years with the Pandemic, the thought of siting an exam under ‘exam conditions’ are quite daunting!

Advising rest, exercise & eating well is a good thing to talk about with your nearest and dearest at this time.

But what else can you do?

Some essential oils can be very beneficial for aiding concentration or even giving you a good night’s sleep, read on for some aromatic tips to get you through the next month and a bit!

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I am so delighted to have Emma Charlton – Earthflower Therapies, write a guest blog for me on stress. She is teaching a CPD day Sat 18th June Aromatherapy for Stress.

Here she talks about her experience and knowledge around this topic.


Stress is a much-used word. It blazes at us from news articles, jumps out from Insta posts and appears in wellbeing themed magazine articles. Friends, colleagues and clients talk about feeling stressed and doctors write this very familiar word on sick notes. Employers, or at least good ones, have workplace wellbeing policies which are at least partly designed to reduce employee stress levels.

But what does stress mean to you?

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I have noticed that many educators are moving online because of the Pandemic and for some that is a brilliant way to learn, but for me as a therapist who specialises in treating people holistically with touch and aroma I would find it near impossible to teach any type of course that has a practical element without being in the same room as the students.

To share the experience of learning a new massage technique or inhaling a new essential oil for the first time is a wonderful, powerful way to learn. You are present with like minded individuals with their nuances and stories, you are participating and learning with each other.

That is why at from the seed I will endeavor to offer IRL (in real life) CPD. This at present includes all theory classes too, Aromatherapy for Stress & Anxiety and Aromatherapy for Menopause.  These two courses do not offer massage techniques, but you will learn and smell essential oils and share personal experience in a safe space, where you can ask questions at any time and not have to write them in a ‘chat box’.  You will grow your own support network with your fellow students and the tutor.

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