Covid-19 Information

I keep you safe - you keep me safe

Being responsible & staying as safe as possible is important. The information given below is what I'm doing to ensure your safety & what I hope you will do as a valued client of mine. The information I’ve given is in accordance with guidelines from trusted sources – the NHS, the government, my professional governing body IFPA, & my insurance company. As guidelines change, I will review & amend my procedures.


  • I will wear a visor for consultation and a face mask for treatment
  • I will wash my hands, forearms & elbows before & after treatments
  • I will ventilate & clean the therapy room & all common areas before & after your appointment
  • I will wash all laundry used at your appointment
  • I will wear clean clothes for every client
  • I will ask you to enter via the side gate and not to come through the house
  • I will not see clients if I have any symptoms
  • If I develop symptoms I will get tested & self-isolate as required
  • I will inform you if I develop symptoms & have seen you within the past 14 days


  • To complete & return to me any initial or precautionary Corona virus consultation forms that I email you prior to an appointment
  • To wear a face covering for your treatment unless you are exempt
  • To ensure good standards of personal hygiene (if possible please be showered & wearing fresh clothing to your appointment)
  • To only bring essential items with you to an appointment e.g. keys, phone
  • To bring your own drinking water
  • Not to touch door handles, light switches etc, but rather allow me to do so
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival and after the treatment
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided after you have removed any items of clothing required for treatment & prior to resting on the treatment table
  • To pay by bank transfer
  • To inform me if you develop symptoms after booking & prior to attending an appointment
  • To inform me if you develop symptoms within 14 days after your appointment & please inform me of results of testing you may have
  • To have been respecting social distancing guidelines where possible
  • To use the toilet before arriving (should you need to go whilst at your treatment I can offer you the use of a toilet in my house). There will be washing facilities and hand sanitiser in the toilet and I will ask you to wipe all surfaces down once finished

Any queries or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch, thank you

To download a copy of this form for signing please click here