In my two previous posts on pregnancy I explained how I get you comfortable for your massage as your bump grows and the benefits of having regular massage. Here I will explain how adding essential oils can enhance that experience.



There are some essential oils that must be avoided in pregnancy, but there are also many that are safe if used correctly. They should never be used neat on the skin, therefore must be diluted in a base or carrier oil, which is known as a blend. It is also necessary in pregnancy to further dilute the blend. This is recognised to be a 1% blend. (out of pregnancy your therapist can use up to 2.5% of essential oils in a base oil)

It is important to check that your therapist has CPD (continued professional development) in the area of pregnancy, I have been teaching therapists for over 20 years in this subject to deliver a safe and effective treatment.


At your first treatment I will take a comprehensive consultation that ensures that I am treating you safely. Then I will take the time to listen to what you want from your treatment and make you a bespoke blend to meet those needs.

Each essential oil has a number of therapeutic properties that can support you through your pregnancy. Some are more effective for your physical needs; maybe you are suffering with an achy back as your baby grows. Some are more suited to support you emotionally, maybe you are feeling fearful around the changes to come!

I will always explain why I am choosing a certain essential oil and include you in the choice so that you are OK with the aroma. No point in having a massage if it doesn’t smell good!

Then all you have to do is get comfy and enjoy the treatment!

At no time am I suggesting that aromatherapy can replace orthodox medical care, if you have any concerns around your pregnancy you should always consult your midwife or consultant.

I work two evenings and three days a week. Vouchers also available for that special present.

If you have any queries or concerns around receiving an aromatherapy massage whilst pregnant, do get in touch,

I look forward to welcoming you!

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