I had my 20th anniversary of a practising Aromatherapy this year, a fantastic mile stone, one I feel very proud of. I have massaged hundreds of clients, taught countless students how to use Essential Oils, talked at conferences and been published in four different countries. I love my work and feel honoured to have touched so many lives.

For those of you who know me well, my area of expertise has been pregnancy. But as I’ve got older and my family has grown this area has expanded to include all things hormone related from puberty to menopause.

Zen pile of pebbles, soeone giving massage, essential oil bottles with lavender springs, from the seed logo

Just last week I had the honour of running a workshop at the prestigious Botanica Conference 2016, a gathering of over 400 Aromatherapist and Herbalists from over 43 countries. My subject was Seasons of Change – Puberty to Menopause using Essential Oils. Over the summer I have been updating my web site to be less exclusive and be more inclusive. My passion lies with treating women through their pregnancy but I am now turning my attention to embrace other clients and frankly to leave no one out. I have a core of regular clients who may have been pregnant at some point but are now facing other challenges in their lives and in need of support.

Over the coming months I will start to write about a more varied use of oils, with an emphasis on supporting you through hormonal issues. It’s not just for women, I am happy and experienced in treating male clients and meeting their needs too!

I have also moved house; which means a lovely new treatment room, I am in the process of assisting my elderly parents in their twilight years and have two teenagers at home – all areas of massive change and transition. I will also be writing about how to support you through times such as those.

Essential oils are fantastic, easy and accessible to use. They can be applied to the body, dropped onto a tissue and inhaled or vaporised around the home to bring calm or support.

So please take a moment to have a look at the changes to my site, I’m more than happy to receive feedback or answer your questions about Aromatherapy. Or, if there is an area of your life that you would like help with please do get in touch.