Of course, going away is exciting and something you may have been waiting for since this time last year….  But going away with a family is not easy and there’s SO much to do before you go!

Most of my clients have a family and a large majority of them are also self-employed, the organisational skills required to get everyone to the airport, ferry terminal or just even into the car is immense! You have to organise cover for work, who’s going to feed the pets, pack for not just yourself but probably your kids and maybe your partner too (although I hope not?).

So here are a few tips to help you transition from ‘Busy Mum’ to ‘chilled, relaxed holiday Mum’.  It might seem indulgent to give yourself some ‘me time’ before you go away, but as we all know, happy Mums make happy families!


A relaxing bath blend….

To 5ml/teaspoon of base oil add the following essential oils:

1 drop of Geranium Pelargonium graveolens

1 drop of Atlas Cedarwood Cedrus atlantica

1 drop of Roman Chamomile Anthemis nobilis

Add to your bath after you’ve run the water, for more details on how to prepare a ‘proper’ aromatherapy bath you can look at my previous blog on that…

This will help your frazzled nerves and give you a moment to go through your ‘to do list’ in a calm way or maybe just switch off completely!

A motivational diffuser blend…..

Add to a burner or diffuser the following:

2 drops of Cardamon Ellettaria cardamomum

4 drops of Bergamot Citrus bergamia

2 drops of Frankincense Boswellia carterii

Put this on whilst you are writing your ‘to do list or doing your packing, it will help to keep you calm but focussed….

A few essential oils to pack for your holiday….

Lavender, Lavandula angustifoliagood for stings, sun burn and to help you sleep

Lemon, Citrus limonum – good for travel sickness and to freshen hotel rooms

Roman Chamomile , Anthemis nobilisgood for sunburn, heat rash and  an upset tummy


Please refer to my travel first aid blog on now to use the oils once you are away.

Happy Holidays!

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