Essential oils for Pregnancy & Labour

labour massage workshops

A one and half  hour PRIVATE  workshop for you and your birth partner to explore how aromatherapy works and how to use essential oils and massage for your labour.

Learn an effective labour massage routine and take home a blend of essential oils for you to use.

Aromatherapy can be a safe and  effective treatment in pregnancy, labour and for postnatal recovery.  Strict safety guidelines are adhered to in the choice of all essential oils and the amount used. I have been treating pregnant women in my practice for 20 years and regularly teach and lecture other Aromatherapists at post graduate level on how to safely use aromatherapy in pregnancy for their clients.

I am in no way advocating that aromatherapy should take the place of modern medicine, but it can be a complimentary treatment.

Touch in labour can be a very powerful tool. Receiving a loving touch during this time will leave you feeling nurtured and cared for. For your birth partner, having a labour massage routine to use will give them the opportunity to communicate their support and love for you.

You will have the opportunity to talk through your birth plan which will help me choose an essential oil blend perfect for you.

You will learn a back labour massage routine with your birth partner to use for your labour and some acupressure points to assist your labour.

You will leave with a bespoke blend specifically designed for you.
Base oil, essential oils and handouts provided on the day.

Workshops run through out the year, evenings & weekend appointments available.   Just get in touch to book yours today!

from the seed labour massage couples workshop - £99.00

Patcham, Brighton

Please contact me  if you have any questions or to book a time.