As we start to slowly adapt and alter our daily existence in everything we do, we will all be feeling a whole range of emotions.

When I trained as an Aromatherapist over 25 years ago, one nugget of information has stuck and resonated with me and my clients over the years and that is the cycle of grief developed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a Swiss American psychiatrist. She was a pioneer in grief management and how medical staff cared for terminally ill patients. Her work led to her writing her findings in the bestselling book On Death and Dying.

Here she explained the natural stages of grief that we pass through when losing someone.

However, this cycle of emotions can be helpful in any stage of transition, which is what we are all going through right now!

You may have seen it before, it may be new to you…take a look and hopefully it will help?


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It’s so important to acknowledge these feelings and just by looking at the cycle you may begin to understand why you are feeling what you are feeling. i.e. that it is natural to feel anger, fear, denial etc… we will hopefully all move to acceptance, because that is the ultimate goal. But be kind to yourself and your loved ones who you are now at home with 24/7.

I wanted to share with you a couple of blends that may go some way in supporting you at this unprecedented time.

In a diffuser add the following drops:

3 drops Frankincense – Boswellia carterii

3 drops Cypress – Cupressus sempervirens

2 drops Rose – Absolute Rosa centifolia

This for me is the ultimate blend to move towards acceptance.

Frankincense has always been a personal favourite of mine. It allows you to feel focused, to gather your thoughts and encourage endurance.

Cypress has been used for centuries in allowing people to accept and move on, its ability to encourage transformation and renewal is powerful.

Rose, well what can I say that hasn’t been said about this essential oil? A truly nurturing aroma that enters your body and holds your heart, to give you support and nourishment!

Another blend suggestion would be to add the following essential oils to a diffuser:

1 drop Neroli- Citrus aurantium

4 drops Bergamot- Citrus bergamia

3 drops Cedarwood- Deodar Cedrus deodara

 This blend will leave you feeling calm and go some way to reducing your anxiety

Neroli is considered to be the ‘rescue remedy’ of essential oils. Its sweet creamy aroma is uplifting and light.

Bergamot, one of my all-time favourite citrus Essential Oils, dry and sweet in its aroma, which will uplift you and bring a gentle sense of positivity to you.

And Cedarwood Deodar, a wonderful balsamic, woody aroma that allows the breath to slow down and encourage feelings of support and strength.

I am diffusing my essential oils daily. I find the best place is to put your diffuser on in your hallway, that way all the household will benefit from the aromas!

Keep Well, Keep Safe, Stay Home!


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