40 weeks of Pregnancy, plenty of time to nurture yourself

You’ve bought the buggy, thought about a cot, definitely have the car seat ready and maybe even purchased some tiny nappies!

But what have you done for you?

I offer bundles to help you save money during your pregnancy but still addressing your needs.

A pregnant women looking down at her tummy with her hands around her bump, Jo Kellett, from the seed, Brighton

My Pregnancy Bundles

My first bundle Essential, comfort & care, is two aromatherapy full body massages. I will take a full consultation taking into consideration your medical history, your emotional wellbeing and really listen to what you need from your treatment. There then follows a full hour of massage so that you can really appreciate the wonderful effects of the oils and the therapeutic nature of the massage. By purchasing this bundle you make a saving over buying them individually. You can purchase Essential as many times as you like through your pregnancy.

The second bundlePremium, soothe & recover, adds a post-natal treatment, this is valid for up to 6 months post-natally so that you have plenty of time to come back. There is so much focus on what you do whilst pregnant that sometimes after what you need or feel gets side-lined by your baby’s needs – now that is of course normal and natural – but if you feel nurtured, relaxed and cared for you will find it easier to cope with the demands of motherhood. I work days and evenings, so clients usually can find a time to come whilst leaving baby for 90 min with either their birth partner or a grandparent. However if that’s not possible you can bring baby too!

Third comes Luxury, support & share, as well as all of the above you can choose to come to a private workshop with your birth partner to learn an effective massage for you to use in labour. You will leave with two bespoke blends and a printed set of instructions of the strokes. Clients who have taken this option love how wonderful and useful the power of touch can be in labour. It gives your birthing partner a fantastic positive role and can help relieve pain and discomfort.

Last is Exclusive, nurture & bond. This bundle includes a 4 week course to learn baby massage. Why not continue with your massage journey and show your wonderful baby the joy of receiving massage at such an early age? Baby massage has been shown to help with colic, emotional stress and enhances the bonding process between parent and baby. We also look at taking the massage forward into toddler hood and beyond.

All of the elements are of course available separately. I work from my home studio in Fiveways, Brighton. I have been treating pregnant women for over 15 years now and feel very fortunate that I can offer this experience. I look forward to hearing from you, please do get in touch.

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