Three essential oils one plant!

When treating my pregnant clients I am often thinking about the origin of my Essential Oils. All essential oils come from a single botanical source and one of my favourites are the Essential Oils obtained from the Orange tree , this wonderful tree yields three different essential oils.

Citrus aurantium, the bitter orange or Seville, gives us Pettigrain from the leaves & twigs and Neroli a beautiful, highly aromatic oil from the blossom. The fruit from the bitter tree produces an oil that has cautions related to skin care so instead you can look to the Sweet OrangeCitrus sinensis which produces a soft sweet oil from the pith of the fruit!

How lovely to have three highly aromatic uplifting oils from one source. They are also all particularly useful for certain ailments that can be common in pregnancy.

orange in an orange tree with orange blossom

The Orange fruit yields the essential oil Citrus sinensis, which means sweet orange and oh so sweet it is! The oils is pressed from the rind of the fruit; you know when you peel an orange a little amount of zest spurts out, that is infact the essential oil!

Citrus sinensis – Sweet Orange is gently uplifting in its nature yet calm and balancing too! It can help you relax and leave you feeling energised. Physically it soothes the digestive system and may bring relief from heart burn. It can also be used therapeutically for lymphatic congestion.Neroli – citrus aurantium var. flos – is the name given to the essential oil obtained from the blossom of the Orange Tree, highly aromatic, it gets its name from a Princess from Nerola, Italy, who used it to scent her gloves in the 17th Century. Neroli is a wonderful oil for the skin as well as being aromatically very de-stressing. It may help stretch marks and will lift your spirits at the same time if you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the changes that face you.

The leaf of the Orange tree yields the slightly drier scented but still sweet essential oil called Pettitgrain – Citrus aurantium var. fol. It also has properties that are beneficial, to the skin, more astringent in its nature so great for oily skin, sometimes a real problem in pregnancy. Also a digestive tonic and restorative in its nature so again great for when you are feeling fatigued.

A recommended blend…

So why not try the following in a burner to bring a sense of gentle calm yet refreshing energy. To the reservoir in the top add water and the following drops:

1 drop of Neroli

2 drops of Pettitgrain

4 drops of Sweet Orange

Or add the following drops to 25 ml of vegetable oil to make a lovely blend to soothe the digestive system and nurture your skin:

1 drop of Neroli

2 drops of Sweet Orange

2 drops of Pettitgrain

If you have any concerns or worries about using Essential Oils in pregnancy please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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