I have chosen to highlight this oil for International Women’s Day 2022, as the oil is considered the ‘Queen of Oils’ and seemed along with its properties so appropriate to celebrate all things female!

Rose Otto, Rosa damascena is steam distilled from rose petals, many hundreds of petals for a relatively small amount of oil. This is somewhat reflected in the price, but I tell you now, it’s well worth it!

Rosa damascena is a hardy deciduous shrub with a height of approx. 2 metres. There are some 250 differing species of Rose with over 10,000 hybrids. Only three are commonly distilled to produce an oil, with Rosa damascena being the most beloved. Distilled since the 16th century the Bulgarian rose is considered to produce the most exquisite essential oil.

rose bloom

How does it smell and how can I use it?

Heady, potent, intensely floral with honey and citrus undertones, It has a sublime aroma. It epitomes femininity and so many of its properties are relevant to women’s health and well-being. (It’s not just for women though, men can definitely appreciate it too!)

When we are confronted with change, Rose can be a useful friend. It supports us through puberty, menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and menopause, whether that be through its ability to calm inflamed skin, help you sleep, nourish your heart or soothe your emotions; it is truly a powerful essential oil.

It is used frequently for states of trauma, grief and heart ache, it has a way of lifting our sole and allowing us to get through the hardest of times, it is truly euphoric.

Rose is perfect for when we feel overwhelmed with our immediate life or the chaos of the world around us, so relevant for today!

I love it by itself, but it blends well particularly with the citrus oils, for me Grapefruit or lemon scents work well.  Or other floral aromas like Lavender or Clary Sage. I also love to combine it with woody aromas; Cedarwood or Frankincense and it mixes well with some of the spices like Black Pepper or Cardamom. It is versatile and will always bring a floral, honeyed base note to your blend. One drop goes a long way!

Why not try this blend in your diffuser to celebrate you and International Women’s Day!

1 drop of Rose Otto Rosa damascena

3 drops of May Chang Litsea cubeba

4 drops of Frankincense Boswellia carterii

This blend will balance and soothe you, whilst bringing a sense of lightness and optimism with the addition of ‘lemony sherbet’ May Chang, and steadfast Frankincense; sublime!

For any questions or to book an aromatherapy treatment do get in touch!

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