I love having guest blogs on my site over the summer, its a great way to share information and pass on my colleagues expertise to you.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting three guest blogs from three very different women who run their own businesses, they will guide you, teach you, enlighten you in what they do and how it can benefit you.


Let me take this opportunity to introduce them to you

First off is Chelle McCann, a inspirational colleague who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing socially and professionally for a number of years.


Chelle is a mum of 3 from Brighton. She works in social media and is currently training to be a life coach with the aim of helping new mums and specifically those that suffer from birth trauma and losing their sense of self post birth. She will be writing about ‘me time’ a precious time, something we all need to experience to keep us tip top!



Next is Maria Green a Feng Shui Consultation Master. She has been a consultant for the past 20 years and has worked closely with one of the world’s top 5 Imperial Feng Shui Grand Masters.

Having started learning when living in ‘the flat from hell’, her work now includes private consultations as well as high profile business clients throughout Europe.

“Once you understand that Feng Shui is about balancing the energy of a space and its occupants, it’s an endlessly fascinating process of implementing these practical applications to every aspect of life.”

Maria has written a fascinating blog about creating a supportive home for ‘conception and pregnancy.


And finally, Kris Botterill owner of the Pamper Pod a successful’ practice offering reflexology, massage, Reiki and other holistic therapies.

Kris will be sharing her Reflexology knowledge with us in her blog titled Fantastic Feet!

“I have to confess to a foot fetish. As a reflexologist and foot reader I am fascinated by people’s feet. Our feet represent what we stand for and how we stand for it. The sole of the foot provides a window into the soul. Explore the world of reflexology and learn how it benefits mind, body and spirit.”



Check back soon for the full blogs to keep you informed over the summer, Enjoy!

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