For me, working from home is not a new concept…although I do go to the Tisserand Aromatherapy office twice a week, but that has now stopped!

So, as we all get used to the new ‘NEW’ I wanted to suggest some blends to lower anxiety and go some way to make you feel a little more uplifted and motivated!

Essential oils have properties that are considered to be euphoric, anti-depressant, supportive, strengthening and motivational… all sounds pretty good right now.

I know I have been wavering between feeling anxious and then moved and uplifted by the notices and posts of support from family, friends and total strangers! I have been using my diffuser daily, mostly with an immune boost blend but also to keep my family and I calm and uplifted.

I wanted to share some of those with you….


2 drops of Roman Chamomile Anthemis nobilis

2 drops of Clary Sage Salvia sclera

4 drops of Grapefruit Citrus paradisi

Chamomile is wonderfully calming and soothing. Clary Sage can help steady your thoughts when you feel overwhelmed and Grapefruit, with its wonderful citrus aroma, will bring a lightness to the blend and soothe your spirits.


2 drops of Cardamon Elettaria cardamom

3 drops of Bergamot Citrus bergamia

3 drops of May Chang Litsea cubeba

 I love Cardamom’s bright clearing aroma to give me a burst of energy ( its also a great immune boosting oil). Bergamot’s dry, but sweet citrus aroma to make you feel bright and refreshed and then with the addition of zingy May Chang you will feel motivated and positive….bring it on!


1 drop of Jasmine Jasminum officinale

4 drops of Sweet Orange

3 drops of Frankincense

The aromatic wonderfulness of Jasmine, soft and heady is going to make you feel like the sun is shining, Sweet Orange will only add to that and finally Frankincense will allow you to feel calm and focussed!

Take all care lovely people, keep washing your hands and keep well…


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