Yoga in pregnancy and postpartum

The latest blog from a fellow practitioner from The Pregnant in Brighton Team. Please read on to find out all about yoga in pregnancy with Fiona Tasker.


I discovered yoga about 20 years ago as a stressed Uni student – it was probably the first time I’d ever really met my own body! Sounds a funny thing to say, but like many of us I lived in my head and I wasn’t particularly connected to what was going on in my body (unless there was pain of course).

For me, this is what yoga is about – inhabiting your body. Simply taking our awareness there activates the body’s own healing response, calming the nervous system, regulating the heart beat, boosting immunity, and clearing the mind.

So in pregnancy and postpartum, yoga really comes into its own. At this time of incredible and constant change in the body, yoga helps us to connect and adapt. Yes, there are also heaps of physical benefits – toning, strengthening, releasing aches and pains, stretching out tension, relaxing deeply, boosting energy levels – but the first step is simply meeting with what is there…

In pregnancy this also helps us to connect with our babies and encourages us to birth from within – from the body, not the head. When we’re really aware of our own body, it also means that we feel imbalances early on. We don’t wait until it becomes painful, because we know way before that and feel what we can do to help ourselves. In this way, yoga can help us to prevent and avoid many issues, as well as to understand and appreciate our bodies.

Postnatally everything changes hugely – a body without a baby, surges of hormonal change, tiredness and stiffness for many. Suddenly attention shifts so that mums are quite naturally much more aware of their baby’s body than their own. Yoga helps to balance this out, gradually reclaiming our bodies and re-building our energy.

I love working with women at this time in their lives – what greater changes will you and your body EVER experience?! It’s a miracle. And the more we stay present, the more confident and calm we can feel.

If you’d like information please take a look at my web-site, and also feel free to call for advice. Remember the old adage: the wellbeing of the baby depends on the wellbeing of the mother!

About Fiona



Fiona is a yoga teacher and therapist passionate about supporting women through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. This is a time of huge changes for you, and her aim is to provide a nurturing place for you to explore this journey in your own unique way.




Fiona offers:

  •   pregnancy yoga classes and birth preparation workshops
  •  postnatal & c-section recovery – birth to 6 weeks (one-to-one at your home)
  •  mum and baby yoga classes – yoga and relaxation for both of you
  •  remedial yoga for specific health complaints (eg back and pelvic pain)
  •  private groups (eg a group of friends)
  •  workshops – a nurturing Sunday morning to relax and revive
  •  retreats – weekends in Sussex and longer retreats abroad


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