How do I have a massage after my baby is born?

So you’ve had nine months to prepare for your baby to arrive, nine months wondering and waiting. You’ve probably taken care of yourself, maybe thought about what you should eat, taken up ante natal yoga or maybe swimming. You may have even had a pregnancy massage.

Now your baby is here and the focus has rightly changed to him or her. Their needs come first and that’s how it is. I hope you have support of friends and family around you to share in this time.  Now your focus is baby music, baby swimming, baby yoga or maybe baby massage….. STOP what are you doing for you?

mum & baby

If you did experience a massage whilst pregnant you may recall how wonderful it was to switch off for an hour, let all thoughts and concerns seem irrelevant.  Is your body longing for that now?

It’s not called Labour for nothing, hours of intense emotional and physical focus; it takes its toll on your body.  Then after the birth feeding can make your shoulders and back ache, especially if you are not sitting correctly or trying to do a quick feed before going somewhere.  Endless nights of broken sleep, certain days when you find it difficult to leave the house.  Your life has completely changed and altered like never before!

Oh you would so love a massage but you’ve got a baby to look after. Well from the seed offers post natal massage where baby can come too! For years I have offered mums to be ante natal treatments to enhance their pregnancy but I have realised the importance of ante natal treatments too.  For no extra charge I will schedule a 2 hour appointment, as opposed to 1 ½ hrs, we don’t always need it, buts it’s there so that there is time to stop the treatment for a feed, a cuddle or a nappy change.  I work from my home treatment room in Fiveways, Brighton so it’s private and there is no hurry to get you out of the door!

When you arrive I will take the time to find out what you want from your treatment and how you would like to feel. Then after I have made a bespoke blend for you I will ask you to get ready. Then you can focus on your babies needs.  You can settle them for a nap or they can lie beside the massage table where they can see you and you can talk to them.  I will always start with your back and try to complete that, then if needs be, baby can come up onto the massage table with you as I massage the rest of your body.

Recently one little baby girl lay on the floor for nearly 40 min before the need to come up and join her Mum on the table. She happily lay and watched me work. Both Mum and I talked to her whilst the treatment progressed and Mum was able to experience a soothing and nurturing massage. It was wonderful!

So if you feel you would benefit from a post natal massage do get in touch I would be very happy to meet you and baby too!

Of course if your partner is able to have baby for you, then come alone, I work 3 evenings a week and the occasional Saturday morning.


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