Are you are thinking of having an aromatherapy pregnancy massage, but you’re not entirely sure if it’s going to be a comfortable experience and even how the therapist can massage you effectively if you can’t lie down on your tummy?

I have been treating pregnant women and offering aromatherapy pregnancy massage for over 20 years and have developed a routine that is both effective and comfortable for my pregnant clients.

So the answer is, yes you can!

Side Lying massage pregnancy

A pregnant women receiving a pregnancy massage


How I make you comfortable

Using pillows, bolsters and wedge shaped cushions I can provide a thorough treatment for my clients.

The best position for a pregnancy massage is to lie on your side with support under your head, bump and knees. In this position I can massage you with the same intensity and level of depth that I can provide my non pregnant clients. In this position I can massage the back, including the lower back ; often an area of discomfort in pregnancy. The upper and mid back, into the back of the head, up the neck and around the shoulder girdle.

What about the rest of the body?

Then for the remainder of the body I bring my client onto their back, not lying flat of course, that can leave you feeling dizzy as the main blood vessels can get a little squashed by your baby and cause dizziness. I have a lifting back rest massage table so I can elevate the head, this reduces all feelings of dizziness. Also with more pillows I can provide support for the lower back and legs. In this position I can easily and effectively massage the rest of the body; arms, legs, feet, face and neck, and if desired the abdomen.

Of course I always check exactly which areas my clients want massaged, for example their tummy.

Some women prefer not to have their abdomen massaged in pregnancy.  It s not harmful to the baby at all and it’s a total pleasure for me to feel the odd kick, but that decision lies with the client and one I totally respect.

It is a privilege to massage my pregnant clients. Each pregnancy is unique and I try to offer a unique treatment for each client.

After a thorough consultation to ascertain my client’s needs and to rule out any contraindications, I will choose a bespoke blend of essential oils. Then I will take the time to get my client comfortable and let the treatment begin.

Please see below a testimonial from one of my clients. There are plenty more on my site.

“The setting was tranquil with wonderful aromas, lighting and music- everything was set up to induce relaxation and calm. Jo was so welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. I was very impressed with her professionalism, warmness and attention to detail. After carefully selecting the most beneficial oils for use the massage started. The treatment was so wonderful. All my tensions and worries slipped away leaving me in a state of pure bliss. I had experienced many different treatments before my pregnancy and NOTHING compared to the massage I received from Jo…I really cannot complement her enough.” Stacie, Brighton

I hope you now feel that you can indeed have a truly comfortable, relaxing, aromatherapy massage at whatever stage of pregnancy you are at.  I work from my home treatment room in Brighton, day and evening appointments available.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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