Baby Massage Classes

baby massage

During from the seed’s baby massage course, Brighton, you will learn a full body massage for your baby.

Baby massage can make a real difference in the early months of parenthood.  Instead of struggling through various complications, parents can learn techniques which can help health conditions such as colic, teething, sleeplessness and emotional stress. Baby massage also enhances and promotes the emotional bond between parent and child.

In many cultures massage is a normal every day activity. In the west we are surrounded by negative touch and our children are warned away from close contact of their carers outside their homes. We need to encourage our children to maximise positive touch and by introducing massage at an early age, touch and nurturing will be a part of their lives. We need tactile stimulation to grow, research shows that infant mammals that are not stroked, held or cuddled are less likely to thrive.

The classes are suitable for babies from newborn to crawling.  Parents or carers will learn through both demonstration and practice a full body massage.  Each class begins with a relaxation period for the parents or carers and finishes with an informal discussion on baby related topics.The classes are informal and great fun, it’s a great way to meet other parents and share common worries or joys.

What One client said about the course when asked to comment on what they enjoyed most about the course:

“Everything! I loved the massage,theory and chat. There was just the right amount of content and timing – we loved it so much” Lucy & Bibi Brighton 

from the seed baby massage classes Brighton & Hove are kept small so that individual attention can be given.

Price includes a discount voucher of a full body aromatherapy massage for you once the course is finished

Baby Massage
Baby Massage

from the seed baby massage


£60.00 – four week course, group rate

£55.00 – three week course, private rate


Please get in touch for dates, availability & further details

Individual & private classes run all through the year

As spaces are limited for each course please contact me for information and to book a place.